Tata Nano Event & Novotel (Ahmedabad - Gujarat)

Well, things were funny!!! To catch the Ahmedabad flight, I reached the Airport and soon, the heel of my shoes gave up!!! Luckily, the guys from Tata Nano had asked me to carry a closed toe shoe for their factory visit and luckily, all my stuff was only in the hand baggage. So a change of my look happened and as soon as I landed in Ahmedabad, at a shop I managed to get Fevibond and Feviquik and both together did wonders in fixing up my shoes and my shoes managed the evening pretty well!!!

So the event was entertain the 20 chosen families, who were customers who just ordered their Tata GenXNano with some bloggers too. Well, then I was told the evening party would be by 6, though a welcome letter said 7. Anyways, I got ready by 6 and went down, but then I get informed that its at 7. I think women were informed 6, coz they might turn up late coz dressing up takes lotta time, lolz!!!
The evening started with the very funny Jose (Hoezaay), compering the event. That's him messing with a super cute kid... Isn't he adorable??? No, not Jose, the kid... 

It continued with the super talented Varun Venkit of Taal Inc mesmerizing us with his music. And guess what? He made us all play the Djembe, the African drum and it was way too awesome. There's something called catching the audience pulse, and he nailed it. He played right from carnatic to dappan kutthu to bangra to metal to rock n roll!!!!! Its indeed a privilege to get to know him... I'm too happy!!!
All #TheChosenOnes were given a super cute gift of coffee cups with caricatures of us... Check out mine here on my FB page!!!
Day 2 we were off to Sanand to the Tata Nano Factory, where the chosen customers got their cars. The adorable part was that the customers had been asked to name their cars, and they got a birth certificate of their cars!!! The age group of these customers varied from a few months old to retired people!!! Just waiting for these little ones to get their driving license!!!
The people varied a lot. An owner of BMW, who wanted a smaller car for easier parking & transport in the super crowded Mumbai. A working woman, a doctor, got this car for herself, (her husband owns a i20) for more independence & movement. A lady who recently came back to India from UK who used to drive auto-gear shift cars there, found this as her perfect car. A man bought it as a gift to his wife. For many new nuclear families with very little ones, this car as their first car! 
That's a car just rolling out of the factory right to the hands of the owners!!! They're also from Cochin to Kolkata to Mumbai! Some names of the cars include Tony, Aggy, Rujuta and Fast & Furious!!!
Though I personally loved the Golden one, white and red seemed to be the most preferred colors. The Golden one did look like an Easter Egg for me!!! That's a security at the premises, Mr.Rathod Yashwant.

Btw, that's the bunch of bloggers...

..and some women bloggers making a fashion statement with our safety helmets at the Tata Nano factory!
My stay was at the fabulous Novotel Ahmedabad, and here for the first ever time, I saw a Novotel 'without' an Ibis beside. The hotel has 184 rooms and a decent speed (512 kbps) internet, which is a primary need for me. This is located close to Rajpath Club, where I danced my first ever proper Dusshera Dandiya
The room was fine. Neither too big nor too small. The rooms have soap, shampoo etc, but no toothpaste which is given on request! But one thing was funny. The bathroom door was opaque, but not the wall between the bedroom and bathroom. The wall was actually glass, not frosted, but clear glass. That's ok. but the funny part is that the control of the blinds that cover the glass - is from outside, and not inside the bathroom!!! That definitely sounds uber sexy and very romantic, buy is this a resort or a romantic getaway location??!!! I doubt...

You've already read my post on Lemon Tree Hotel and how I appreciate the presence of eggless western (read 'no' Laddu or Kaju katli or Payasam) desserts in buffet. Here too I noticed the same. That's 4 of 7 desserts in dinner buffet that were eggless - a pinapple cake, mango cheese cake, blueberry panna cotta and liquid chocolate with nuts & raisins!!!
That's few of us bloggers, with Jose, Harshvardhan Dhandekar of Novotel and Priyanka Dhelia & Ashish Sahni of Tata Nano.
That's the guys from Indiblogger and me, getting crazy with selfies in the bus on our way back!!! So, big thanks to Indiblogger and Tata Nano for making this happen!!!
P.S.1: Read the Part 1 with the actual Tata Nano Factory visit here. A semi-technical post!
P.S.2: Coming up soon on my other blog, Fashion Panache with my outfits for both days!

P.S: I was invited by Tata Nano for review purpose who lodged me at Novotelhowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. Refreshingly different post... loved the vibrant clicks that you managed to get. :)

    Arvind Passey

  2. All posts from Ahmedabad are always a pleasure to read :)

    And you met Varun Venkit from Taal! I interviewed him in Pune sometime back for my project...he is great with Djembe

    1. Wow. That's great. Varun Venkit is indeed mind blowing!!!
      Thanks so much Siddhartha!


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