A Picture Album of Sravanabelagola (Hassan - Karnataka)

Sravanabelagola, similar to Belur and Halebidu, is in Hassan Dt. of Karnataka. Its has a huge statue of Bahubali / Gomateshwara which was built in 978-993 AD. 
The colossal statue is so big, that earlier, during the era of film cameras, which did not have the present day features like panorama shot, it was impossible to bring the whole statue of Bahubali in a single frame!!! 
There are several insciptions found here.
Just below the huge statue is the small bronze figurine, of the same Bahubali.
Enroute along the steps that lead to his statue, are several small reliefs of Tirtankaras.
Of course, should I even say, the view from the top was fabulous!!!

Hassan in the nearest big town for accomodation.
However accomodation in available in Belur, Halebidu and Somnathpur as well.
Hassan to Sravanabelagola: 52 km


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  1. अच्छे फ़ोटो, बस थोडे साफ़ कम है।

  2. Hey nice place to visit , your photos give a nostalgic feeling , looks like old photos scanned and used .

  3. The best time to visit would be during the mahamasthabhisheka. That would be a colourful experience.


  4. @Sandeep,
    I had scanned these from the normal prints. That's why the lack in clarity...

    @Team G,
    It is... :)

    Oh is it..? Thanks for that bit of info.. :)


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