A Flash Back - Thanthondreeswarar Siva Temple (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

Last Sunday, in the newspaper The Hindu, in the supplement, Magazine, I read an article about how music, dance and drama were so entwined with our culture. This article, was written by heritage enthusiast & writer Pradeep Chakravarthy. Here is the article. http://www.thehindu.com/arts/history-and-culture/article1464511.ece.
As my mom read this article, she came across this line in the 4th para which tells about the sandstone bas reliefs in the Thanthondreeswara Siva Temple in Kanchipuram built by the Pallavas. As soon as she read this, she hunted in our pile of photographs and brought out these 2 pics. These 2 are exactly the very bas reliefs that the author of the article was talking about.
So what's so special about these pics. Surprise - Its actually ME in these pics!!! Well, I was around two and a half years old when I had been there with mom and dad, complete with a reference book in hand. As you may expect, I have absolutely no remembrances of this temple to write a travelogue about it. However, I hope to venture to the whole set of Kanchipuram temples sometime in near future and I'll come back with a travelogue about it!!!


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  1. Are you a born traveler??


  2. Very tender and lovely post !!!
    Your photos are wonterful with you !!!
    Greetings from Greece

  3. @ Niranjan Das,

    @ Magda,
    Thank you so much sweetheart... :)

    @ Sridharan,
    Thank you.. :)

  4. this is really nice bhusha. u remind me of someone who is close to me. (thats me).

    oru 15-20 years munnadi blogging arambichu iruntha inneram nee crorepati agirupa :)

  5. Hi

    sweet memories

    thanks & regards

  6. I think the gift of travel is one of the best thing we can give our children. My sons are now 40, 28, and 26. I was a single parent, with child support only from the father of my oldest son. Thankfully, as a registered nurse, I had a decent job. I never could afford to buy a home - I rented all these years - but, as children, my sons went with me on trips - to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Taiwan, Mexico, and learned about cultures, traditions, foods of other places. Growing up in San Francisco, of course, they are in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural area.

    I think this is one of the reasons, they have no racial prejudices - I truly feel these are learned and, when they have children, I feel certain, their children will be brought up, as I have brought up my boys.

  7. Referencing places on something that was published and with photos that you were actually in that same place (even when you're still a child) is a joy.

    That's a very interesting story. Thanks for sharing esp your childhood photos.

  8. A "Traveller", even at such an early age Mitr.

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  10. I couldn't see the baby clearly but I do love her.

  11. @Naveen,
    Computers itself didn't come till I was in my 10th std... Lolz... :)

    @Team G Square,
    Thanks dears.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

    I am proud of you as well... I am glad that you brought up your kids so well... :)
    And ofcourse I am lucky that my parents gave the gift of travel to me... :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

  12. @Rizalenio,
    Thanks sweetheart.. :)


    Thank you so much sweetheart.. :)

    @Siddharth Joshi,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

    @Ocean Girl,
    Cho chweet... Thanks love.. :)

  13. Cute photos. You were obviously interested in learning about new travel sights even then!

  14. wow, you must visit and take a then and now collection


  15. @Vijay,
    Ha ha... I am too thinking of it!! Yet to visit Kanchipuram in recent times.. :) :) :)

  16. vilayum payir mulayileye theriyum


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