Frankfurt (Germany)

With a Schengen Visa, a trip solely to Paris.? How can that be.? The other place was Frankfurt in the list. Nothing much about Frankfurt, it was fully loaded with B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S… But it was the first time I saw something with my own eyes, which I wanted to see since quite a long time –

S-N-O-W… Pouring ice crystals.!!! I loved it completely.

Unlike Paris, the temperature here was dead low. During my stay there, it reached till Minus 16 deg C. But again, unlike Paris, the air was static, so the chillness didn’t affect me much. I was pretty comfortable!!!

The snow poured down all the time. It was almost ankle deep. My black jerkins was dotted and kissed by the snow!!!

That’s a beautiful flower (~Ahem... Lolz...!!!) in the midst of several flowers at a florist in Hopt Bahn Hof – Errr… Ok that merely means a railway station…

That’s my hotel room with a view.

I have nothing left more to say about Frankfurt. I boarded Emirates and was back to India. The in-house food was delicious. As said earlier, my options weren’t much. That’s Italian Vegetarian meal – Starter.

That’s the Main Course. Looks delicious, isn't it..??? Is tasted delicious too!!!

The trip to my transit – Dubai was a long long long haul flight. Many slept off. Under the effect of the effective lighting of the reading light, that’s me!!!

My walk to the loo, showed me this wonderful shot. The whole section of the flight, watching the movie of their choice. Oh yeah, I watched ‘Abhiyum Naanum’, a Tamizh movie, after years after its release!!!

With some fantastic views of snow capped mountains, and amazing seas, I reached Dubai and from there back to my mother land!!!


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  1. Wow!!
    You had a wonderful trip in Europe
    next time you must come to The Netherlands

  2. Woww :) :) So Beautiful Pix :) :) Hope You Enjoyed A Lot :) :)

  3. Awwww am crazy about snow too :) all your pics are fabulous and your own pic under readin lamp is stunning .. Love ya :)

  4. Hi Mitr, snow freezing cold, yes quite normal for that area at this time. Our temperature has gone up suddenly to 12 celsius and sunny as well. Lovely vegetarian meals you had on the flight. Glad your home.
    Fabulous photo of the "Shady Lady" .{:)

  5. You are brave! Going to a place where temperature was as low as -16ÂșC is really something! :-)

  6. Hi Friend! Great trip; but minus 16 Celsius is too much... ;))
    Haupt (Main) Bahnhof... err... Better HB ;)

    Blogtrotter 2 has moved to the Cayman Islands. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  7. U sure know how to enjoy a travel ...:)
    Do keep updating ur travelogues ...

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  8. @Anya,
    Sure. I'd come to Netherland for sure on my next trip.

    The trip was great. I loved every bit of it..

    Yeah. Being in our part of the world, snow by default excites us, isn't it.? And I'll convey your comments to the photographer.

    My dear Roy, here now the temparature has gone up to 30 celicius. It usually goes to 35+ in mid may. Even my winter temparatures never goes to 12. Minimum is like say 23. So snow was quite a drastic change for me.
    The food was great. That's a nice caption for my name 'Shady Lady'. :)

  9. @Phivos,
    Very true. :)

    Ha ha... Business took me.. And I gladly went.. :)

    Ha ha... :)

    So nice of you to appreciate me. Thank you. :)

  10. Great trip!
    You have not spared anything from being photographed. have you? ;)

  11. Your trip to Europe including Frankfurt with the snow sounds wonderful. Germany is my favorite country in the world, believe it or not. The people are friendly and so wanting to help. They are very practical and do not over do things and their country is very strong, properly developed and yet the beauty of the old is still there. Very European but still I find they stand out above the rest.

    Your flight looks great. Is that first class or economy on Emirates. The food and the silverware look like fine dining. Unlike other airlines I've been on that just shove food in front of your face:)

    Your report on the trip was really interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

  12. @Indrani,
    No... Never!!! :)

    @Ocean Girl,
    Thanks dear.. Yeah people are indeed so friendly and the country is so well developed.
    The dining part is first class (Surprise, I got upgraded!!!). The shot of the tv is from economy class.

  13. very good photos...first one is best....

  14. @Kunjan,
    Thank you so much.. :)
    Do visit often. I'd love your visits n comments... :)


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