Superior Scribbler Award

Bhavesh comes again with his special gift to me. Its my ninth award. Thank you Bhavesh.

And this award goes to all my dear readers because f whom this blog exists and grows day by day. Thank you all dears for your trmendous love and support.


An ardent traveler by passion. I am a wanderlust.. Read more about me here.


  1. ConCATulations on your award :-)

    Wishing you a Valentine's Day
    filled with love
    and the tender sound
    of a voice that gives you comfort.....

    Happy Valentine's Day :-)


    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  2. @All,
    Thank you all so much. Its all your continuous support that keeps me going. :)

    Thanks dear. Happy Valentine's day to you too.


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