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Whenever we think of the word Adventure or Challenge what comes to mind first are things like a mountaineering, scuba diving, trekking etc! Being a traveller to unheard of places, and many a times being a lone female traveller, has been a challenge by itself! And these challenges are not huge, but funny, helpful, memorable, or teaches me something everytime. Here are some from my earlier trips!!!
1. Remember my trek in search of the Konganar Cave where there was no track to follow too!!!? Climbing a wrong hillock and then the right hillock was no joke! But then I managed to meet someone (god-sent?) in that absolute desolation who took us to the cave safely!!! I'm a theist and I believe god sends someone whenever he has to come to help someone and my belief strengthened all the more!!!
2. Adventure games and immediately what comes to mind is Horsley Hills! Remember my video of the jump and the walks on the ropes at 30' height?! Its one challenge that I absolutely relish! I would love to go there once again...... and again..... and again...............
3. Many a times when travelling alone or with another lady companion, I feel the warmth of people! Those unusual localities has people who haven't experienced tourists. So they've always treated me as their own! And seeing a lone lady or a pair of ladies, people have always taken care of me/us! One such instance was at Pazhaverkadu. Usually when the boatsmen leave the tourists in the islands and wait for them at the shore. When I went with my mom, the boatsman never left us alone!!! That's called 'Care'....
4. Something very similar happened at Arnattan Malai too where I went in search of 2nd C Tamil script inscription. I was a lone traveler for that trip and the temple priest went out of his way to take me around, and show the 2 millennium old inscriptions! I challenged my fear of venturing there all alone and indeed relished the place!
5. Being a lone traveller in public transport has its own stories! I generally wear a scarf atop my head to protect against sun. On the day of the visit to Kodumudi I was wearing a bindi and I was questioned if I was a Hindu or Muslim in the bus!!! 
6. Another funny experience in the public transport in one of my village trips, was when a lady from a local village, beside asked if I was married and when I said no, she asked for my horoscope!!!
7. Village trips are very very endearing and adventurous too! My swimming pool trained swimming knowledge was of absolutely no use when I tried jumping into the common well, and I almost drowned!!!
8. Women here are very careful, esp when it comes to safeguarding their hubbies from other women!!! Once a lady sitting beside me had a toddler in hand and when I striked a conversation with her. She asked her little one to dance for 'her atthai', that's me! Errrr.... Atthai in Tamil means dad's sister, which means, I'm called her husband's sister!!!!!
9. I'm a very averse to crowd. That's the very reason my travels have always been to roads less travelled!!! Going to the oh-so-extremely crowded Arupathumoovar Festival at Mylapore was itself an adventure for a person like me!!!!!
10. Being a lady biker in Chennai is a challenge too! I biker for the fun of it and more for the functionality of it. I bike a lot around Chennai and riding a car is painful in the peak-hour traffic and roaming all over Chennai for about 80 km at atleast 60kmph in a scooter can take up a lot of time and is not comfy as well! The moment a co-biker realizes I'm a lady within that biker jacket, helmet, gloves, shoes etc its........... honestly - fun! Seriously, quite a lot of youngsters start showing circus on road!!!
11. Sometime I do take-off after work to some place. Once was when I visited Gorai Beach in Mumbai directly after work and my Metro black patent pumps broke. At another instance I visited Halasuru Temple at Bangalore directly after work and almost killed my legs walking 5-6km wearing medium heeled stilettos. Well, as I am writing this article I realize, I should buy a nice pair of role-able ballet flats that I could easily carry in my handbag and wear if I'm off to some place directly after work!
12. Being a shopper, bargaining is one skill I've developed not so bad! There are shops on roadsides where you can buy stuff and then there are roadside shops or shacks! You HAVE to bargain. You can easily state your price as half of what the shopkeeper states or even lower! If you're buying something at tourist spots, start your bargain at 1/4th the original price!!! My best bargain ever was bringing price down to 1/10th!!!
13. I'm a Fashion & Textile Designer by profession and a traveller by passion and my 2 blogs are about them! A couple of days back (28-Jun-2013) my first ever article was published in a leading Indian newspaper, The Hindu, in the South edition.... Very very surprisingly, it was neither about Fashion nor Travel, but on Food!!! Why is it so surprising? Well, read the first section of my earlier post to know my relationship with kitchen, earlier, though things have changed a lot in the last couple of years!!! But still, my name on The Hindu? I'm relishing it!!!!! :)
14. Finally the most important, is the upcoming challenge and that is to get all the stuff in my WISHLIST, one by one!!! Btw, you want to gift me any??? :)

Bhushavali N

An ardent traveler by passion. I am a wanderlust.. Read more about me here.


  1. You are such a multi-faceted personality! What have you not done, I wonder. And I am so very envious of your adventures...wish you many more to come!

    1. Thank you so much Sangeeta! Pls, don't be envious!!! :) :) :)

  2. Thanks bhushavali for sharing your experiences and challenges faced on life as a traveler.

  3. Congrats Bhusha for the article in 'THE HINDU".....

    Enjoyed every bit of this post....

    1. Thank you so much Venkat! Glad you liked! :)

  4. Congrats! I would love to read the article !


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