Paris City - Part II (France)

The magic of Paris continues… As said in my previous post itself, there is something about Paris. Everything was so beautiful, aesthetic, and ya ofcourse, romantic…

The roads were at some places, filled with rocks on roads. And ya, most of the buildings were heritage buildings…

These buildings had some beautiful balconies with wrought iron artwork grills filled with pleasing greenery. The scenes filled the mind and soul with a heart warming feeling that was so good.

Something, so funny that I noticed was the beggars. Most of the beggars here had dogs!!! Dogs are a must to give company to them. And I thought maintaining dogs was an expensive affair!!!!!

Well, while roaming about in Paris (of course, in the great Paris Metro), I came across this station called St. Germain des Pres. Very near to the station was this church called Abbey of St. Germain des Pres. It was a beautiful church with creepers spread all over the wall. The autumn and snow has taken its own toll and the creepers have all lost their leaves and the church looked like one huge haunted place in the darkness post sunset… Thanks to the day light saving time of the winter, evening 6:00 looked like 9:00 pm of India.

This church is actually the oldest in Paris and dates back to 6th Century, 542 to be precise. Yeah, now I know why the place looked so ancient. Its said that this was a very powerful place during the middle ages. The church is supposed to have Roman architecture from 11th C and paintings (frescos) from 19th C. This place was once upon a time a musical hall filled with Gothic Choir echoing on all the walls. After several invasions by several rulers, now only very few original pieces from the 6th C are still left for the visitors to enjoy.
Well sadly since my trip was purely business, I couldn’t spare time to venture into the church or else, I’d have a whole post dedicated to the church, now it just forms a part of this post on Paris.

And as I continued walking on that road in search of the place I was supposed to go, I hit this lane called Rue de Buci. The evening and the slight rain had made the place so special. This lane was more special than the rest of them. The traffic was blocked for cars and HMW. There were just bikes and pedestrians. And there were several restaurants and bars. There were several chairs and tables put up on the roads and were served with food and of course wine. The winter called in for delicious world famous French wine and champagne.

I guess this place would be sensuous hang out for couples. The extravagant florist kinda proved that.

The next day I had some work somewhere near the Louvre Museum. Little did I know the size of Louvre Museum!!! I got down at the Chatelet Metro station which was next to Louvre. Someone told me the place could be reached from Chatelet as well. I got down and started walking towards Louvre and kept on walking and walking and walking. And finally ended up in the place I had to be. I looked around and within 100m I spotted the Palais Royale Musee de Louvre Metro. That means I had already crossed Louvre Rivoli Metro!!! That means I had walked quite a few km!!!!!

And all along the stretch I was way too absorbed in looking and adoring the amazing Louvre Museum from the exterior. Wish I had some more time to visit the museum as well!!! Ahhhh, whatever!!!!!

That day evening, I had work near Gare Du Nord and I was there at that metro station. Again this station itself was a heritage building built in 1864. This building is crowned with 9 figures. The centre being Paris and the 8 on the either sides denoting 8 other international destinations which I am not aware of. Forgive me on that!!!

I just had one Sunday in the whole trip. A precious day off. What did I do on that day..???? Coming soon!!!

In Paris:
Abbey of St. Germain des Pres:
Nearest Metro: St. Germain des Pres (Next to Odeon)
Metro Lines: 4
Rue de Buci
Nearest Metro: St. Germain des Pres (Next to Odeon)
Metro Lines: 4
Louvre Museum
Nearest Metro: Louvre Rivoli, Palais Royale Musee de Louvre
Metro Lines: 1,7
Gare du Nord
Nearest Metro: Gare du Nord, Paris Nord, Magenta, La Chapelle
Metro Lines: 2,4,5
RER Lines: B,D,E


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  1. they Know how to maintain heritage buildings. but we??

  2. Very beautiful, never seen shots of Paris before. For me Paris has always been "Effeil Tower"

  3. Oh this looks like a heritage city!! I never thought Paris looked like this.. always had "Eiffel Tower" picture in mind :) Thanks for sharing this!

  4. This post is beautiful and your pictures are gorgeous indeed!

  5. Very beautiful pics.. I think I'll spend atleast 6 months clicking the pics of building alone :P hehehehehe... anyway.. wat did you do on Sunday??? waiting to know tat.. very eager :D

  6. Paris is surely in my list of must visit places :)
    gr8 work ,keep em comin

    cheers !!!

  7. Wow! Great shots shared thanks!

  8. @Thala,
    Very true. But know what, their space is small. Our space is so so so big. And every little village has its own temple which is ages old... What will the govt. do.? We, general population must preserve it...

    Thank you. That's why I didn't even visit Eiffel Tower!!!

    Thanks sweetheart.. :) That's why I wanted to see Paris other than Eiffel Tower...

  9. @Phivos,
    Thank you so much dear.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

    Wait n watch... Updating this Friday... :)

    Thank you honey... :)

    Thanks dear... :)

  10. Although an ALL-Business Trip, I'm sure it must have been real fun to visit Paris... Awesome photos and great bit of information that you've shared!!

  11. wow.. i love paris too :-)

  12. @Kcalpesh,
    Of course, I had a great time... It was great fun, and great business too!!!



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