Paris City - Part I (France)

After crossing the beautiful Vazhachal (here and here) and reaching the Kochi Airport, where did I catch a flight to? Any guesses? Some people who came across my another blog Fashion Panache, know where I went. It was the beautiful, heritage city of Paris in France. It was a shorter trip to Dubai in Emirates and a really long haul flight to Paris. But on an upgrade to the Business Class, the journey was more than comfortable. Being a vegetarian, my food options were not so great. But the only option, Italian Vegetarian served in-flight was pretty delicious along with original Champagne.
As I reached Paris, the temperature dipped and I had no other option than to take out my jerkins. It would have been roughly below 5˚C. Though there was no snow, there was severe wind that made the temperature feel lesser than actually it was. From a part of India, where the winter minimum temperature is around 22˚C, I was now at a part of Europe where the summer maximum temperature was 26˚C. Ha... But, thank God. I did not have any jet lag. Being a cold blooded creature, the temperature too didn’t take the hell out of me!

There was something in the air of Paris that made me fall in love with the city. Each and every one of the buildings was a heritage building. There was art and architecture in every street and nook and corner. The Renaissance art period seems to have not left Paris yet. There was a grace in every building. And love was in the air. Apart from the actual loving couples with PDA (No guys, not the Personal Digital Assistant. It’s Public Display of Affection!) who walk hand in hand and head on shoulder, in general people were affectionate. There was a smile in everyone’s face on every eye contact and every stranger was greeted with a ‘Bonjour’.

After a heck of business dealings that ate up the whole day, the evenings brought with it, its breeze of freaking out. I went to Bazar de Hotel de Ville. Errr… Ok. Even French may not get that. Lemme put that in simple words. I went to BHV. Now many would get that. BHV is one of the leading departmental stores in France. When I came out of it, the dusk had started and the darkness had begun to fall. Not much, the time was just around 5:30.

Just a few steps from there took me to Hotel de Ville. A monumental building it was. (Now, got the reasoning behind the full form of BHV?). The French word Hotel de Ville means City Hall. This building was the administrative building of the municipality since 14th Century. Earlier it was called Place de Greve.

In 1871, Franco-Prussian War, this building was set blaze. The fire almost engulfed the whole building leaving just a little bit of ruins. It is said that the underground tunnels used during the War, still are present and still connect Hotel de Ville with the nearby soldier camps.

The reconstruction after the fire took place for 20 years. From the outside, the building was built the same way as it was before the fire, in a very Renaissance style. The building has several human sized statues of important people flanked on all sides. It is protected with a sheet of net to prevent the birds from making the spaces in the statues as their home.
The lighting was exquisite as the sun began to set. As usual on venturing to these places at late evenings (just like I missed out Sun Yat Sen Memoral Hall), I missed out on entering into these buildings, coz of the timing. Can’t help it though. Business comes first in a business trip, right…
Winter in Paris without skiing, that can’t be. Opposite to Hotel de Ville was a ski ground. The ground was filled with hard ice and people were skiing so well. Some costumed like Michael Jackson etc.

I know what’s on your mind now. No, I did not try it out. I didn’t wanna make a fool of myself in front of my boss!!!

Our walk towards the station brought us in front of the St. Gervais et St. Protais Church. This was the place in which the French Musician family Couperin lived during 17th and 18th C. This church houses the several musical instruments used by them. This is one of the oldest churches of Paris. This church has been mentioned in documents since 4thC.
The night was falling and the air was getting cooler and cooler and I began to shiver. That shiver made me opt out of actually getting into the church and exploring more. I wanted to get back to the hotel’s heated room. We got back in the Paris metro back to our rooms.

In Paris:
Metro lines: 1, 11
Nearest Metro Station: Hotel de Ville (next to Chatelet)


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  1. Yeahhh....
    You was in Europe
    Yes France is BEAUTIFUL :-)
    I think its really cold for you there ;)
    You made great pictures.
    Paris is the romantic place to be in Europa.

  2. Wow looks like you had the grandest time. And the architecture is so exquisite. Wonderful experience.

  3. Superb.. I love to visit that place just for the architecture. Camera & Me.. only clicks ;) Wish to visit this place soon...

    Loved the lightings video.. really very very great... waiting for Part II soon :) :)

  4. Tour De Paris :D Lovely simple narration too :)

  5. I never thruly enjoy Paris as I was working for a French Bank. My all trips to Paris were just business. I should have to be a tourist there, soon.

  6. Hi Mitr!! I've been to Paris twice, and enjoyed it. The history in the old world is amazing. I would love to see you on skates! It's so much fun, but yes, it does take practice! :)

  7. Beautiful place and snaps. I loved what you said about each building being a heritage building. The architecture looks grand.

    Mitavali Temple

  8. Eppo Paris pona??? Sollave' illa!!!
    Ok...Hope you enjoyed a lot...

  9. All photos looking like Maniratnam film...All dark pictures. Sari, Eiffel Tower pogala???

  10. WoW! U hv reached paris.. city of love :) Lovely pictures.. but wonder is it that dark there or all photos are taken in night??

  11. //along with original Champagne.//

    hmm noted. paris sollave illa thozhi

  12. Oh Paris mon amour! LOVE this city. Great photos.

  13. Any stop over in Dubai on your return??

  14. @Anya,
    Very true. Paris is definetely the most romantic place in Europe. I'm in love with Paris.. :)

    @Ocean Girl,
    Yes. The grandeur of the architechture was amazing. :)

    No Sow NO. Not just you and camera. Its a place to be with your boyfriend/husband. Plan the visit that ways. It feels so bad to be single and roam in Paris!!! Lolz...

    Mine too was a business trip. But I always manage to freak out a little bit of time... :)

  15. @Rain,
    May be I'll try the skates on my next visit. Lets see!!!

    Yup. Its a city to fall in love with!!! :)

    Neenga kekkave illa..
    Actually its so dark out there. It was 5:30 or 6:00. Being winter the dusk starts too early... :)

  16. @Vineeta,
    Not night dear. Just evening. Evenings in winter Paris look like night of winter India!!! :)

    Noted'a...!!! Aahaaaa!!!!
    Neenga kekkave illa!!!!!

    Thanks sweetheart.. :)

    Yup. Just for transit. Didn't visit Dubai!!!

  17. Hey Mitr, welcome to our world of weather.
    Two things you must do in Paris is visit the Louvre and I guess being a Lady you like handbags then you need to walk up the Champs Elysee on the left hand side towards the Arch de Triomphe when you nearly get to the Arch there is Louis Vuitton shop.

  18. 開懷幸福的生活,是每個人的夢想~~希望大家都能夠實現!..............................

  19. @Roy,
    Thanks for the welcome dear.. :)
    Your weather is too different for me, what to do... :)
    I missed out Louvre this time. Should make it up next time and shoppingggggggggggg... er.... I'' go out of control if I start to shop. So its better not to start!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  20. I'd guess that staying a vegetarian is the greatest adventure in France


  21. @Anonymous,
    Not much. In France it was pretty easy. But in Germany it was difficult... :)

  22. Your posts showed how Paris is beautiful in every season. But, now when spring has finally come to Europe I wish I was in graceful and romantic Paris!


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