Risky Recipes

As the topic suggests, I took the biggest adventure of my life in… er… ahem… ok… in kitchen… Wondering what could be so disastrous about being to Kitchen..??? Ok, let me tell me about my relationship with kitchen.

The best way to describe is to take a quote of my friend, which she used to introduce me to her mom – “She makes the best steaming hot water, provided you light the stove for her!!!” Now, I guess things would have become clear. I hardly know anything in that part of the house.

It’s not mere ignorance. It’s rather a bit of repulsion. I hate cooking…

In this scenario, if I try something in kitchen, it would be by default - An exquisite adventure - in my terms…



On the day I rambled to Agathiar Paarai, I had given an off to my cook, as I would require only dinner at home and I could buy that as well somewhere. I returned back by around 6:00, an essentially stupid time to buy dinner from hotel. I was not in a mood to eat a cold dinner. I was so undecided, when my mom called and gave me the necessary encouragement. Ok, let me venture into the kitchen.

Making rice was not a ‘Brahma prayatnam’. I pressure cooker easily cooked it. Then came the ordeal. I wanted to make a single veggie dish which would support rice.

I made it somehow and God bless, it was not a disaster. I rather tasted good. In my dictionary, this is nothing less than an achievement. So, lemme share my experiment with you. :D


Potato – Medium sized – 3

Carrot – Medium sized – 3

Capsicum – 2

Mustard seeds


Chili Powder

Chaat Masala





  1. Cut potato, carrot and capsicum in long slices
  2. Add 3 tsp of oil in a pan and add a tsp of mustard seeds
  3. As soon as the mustard seeds pop, add the chopped vegetables and add half a tumbler of water
  4. Keep the lid closed for a few minutes for the veggie’s to cook
  5. Add 2 tsp chili powder and salt to taste and mix well
  6. Sauté till the water evaporates
  7. Add 2 tsp chaat masala

It’s done…



Then after few days, when I planned for the Namakkal trip, my cook ditched me! As I said in that post itself, the major issue with Temple Tours is that it has to start early and get over before noon. So, I planned not to give her an off as I need lunch also at home. But she planned otherwise and I ended up having breakfast and lunch at hotel.

Then came time for dinner and I thought there was no point going all the way to the hotel to get dinner. The courage mom gave last time was still within me and I took chances again.

This time with a slight modification. I wanted something sour and the best option was raw mango. So I thought of experimenting this time with potato and raw mango. I called mom and said this. She was like, “Why don’t you make a simple lady’s finger fry”? But I had made up my mind and wanted to experiment. Well of course, on whom could I experiment? Who would be ready to risk themselves for me, other than Me.???!!!!! Finally mom gave up and said, “Ok. Your wish. Try out…!!!”.

Then I did. The ingredients are the same as above with just a replacement of carrot with 1 big size raw mango. The recipe is the same.

Again it was not bad. Initially the salt level went low. But good, I erred on a safer side. If I had put more of salt, I would have got no other option than to throw it. I added bit more salt and made it better. And ya, I cooked rice. And my dinner was ready!!!

Well, u can try these... Veggie's are good for health... And it will taste good.. 'Adhukku naan Guarantee'... :D

Bhushavali N

An ardent traveler by passion. I am a wanderlust.. Read more about me here.


  1. Well........ Ahem..... actually...... haaaaa....... haaaaa...... heeeeee.....heeeee.... hoooooo.....hooooo......couldn’t stop myself ….yenadhidhu china pulla thanama iruku rascal .....Sorry bhush.... now it’s all bcoz of me and I never thought u will take it so serious and put ur life into risk…any ways am very proud to announce you all that am the culprit who introduced her to my mom saying she can make tasty hot water........But am glad u dint make other's life risky....btw..... For a beginner it’s ok but don’t tell me u had it wid rice..... Maaaa!!!!! How can u mix the salad with rice.....? idhula high light yena theriyuma idhayum oru recipe nu adha padam pudici poturikiye onna yennanu solradu…..idha paaathu 2 maadu sethupochu 4 peru kannu nolla aaiduchu….any ways all the very best to start with….. if u have any doubts contact me any time am always there 2 guide u wat to do its all bcoz of me so lemme do some punniyam….. ;)

  2. @Moni
    Paavi... Idhu salad illa... Thamizhla sollapponaa 'Poriyal'... Why cant it be eaten with rice...
    Salad is not cooked... I cooked this... :P
    And no ways, this is not gonna cotinue... I CAN'T COOK... :D

  3. You don't know to cook???Very good keep it up! Marry a chef de :D easy very easy life :P

  4. @Sowmi
    Chef or not, but someone who knows to cook only... :D

  5. Bhusha, i wudnt prefer to read dis after da title...but am not surprised knowin tht ur a travellin freak!

  6. It is indeed good that you have not tried it on some one [:P] Better have a couple of pickle bottles available and the Dhall Powder (from Ambika Applam especially); a pocket of curd shall do a very good dinner.

    Why take risk every now and then [:P]

  7. @Sujay,
    Ha ha... Actually true...
    Being a travelling freak i eat anything available anywhere, provided its vegetarian... And I never tried to cook and then, one fine day............. :D

    Hee hee... :D

  8. kanna unaku venumna powders la pani kudukaren.. Oflate i've learnt to do :) and you can blv me lol! Will give you pulikaachal, karugapilla podi, kothamalli podi, parupu podi.. poruma, illa inum venuma???

  9. Hi:)

    After your out door adventures you are also venturing to cook delicious dishes inside the house.

    It is time I also tried my hand at it. At present I can make oats porridge:)

    Have a nice day, my friend:)

  10. @Sow,
    vendaan di chellam... My mom has decided to get these things done for me... :D

    Hee hee... :D

  11. Super cooking..Have a nice day....

  12. @Femin Susan,
    Welcome to my blog dear... Thanks for dropping in and commenting...
    Do drop in often... :)

  13. The dishes look inviting, attractive & delicious. My taste buds are activated already !

  14. Hi, thank you for visiting.

    I love Indian vegetarian, will try to cook it myself one day. First I have to shop for the ingredients.

    Nice blog.

  15. @Ramakrishnan Sir,
    Ahhhh... Thank you.. Thank you...

    @Ocean Girl,
    Thanks for dropping in and commenting...
    Welcome to my blog and do drop in often...

    And ya, after you try it out, let me know your experience as well... :)

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  17. @College Girl,
    Thanks for voting.. Sure, I;d vote for u too... :)

  18. Thank you for visiting my blog. You had me laughing here.Can you tell me how to include a link in a comments box.

  19. Very nice blog! Thanks for your visit!
    These dishes look very good, I'd like to taste them. The rice accompanies them, doesn't it?
    Happy Sunday!

  20. I've forgotten to answer your question: the images in my Sky Watch post are of mountains in the Val di Susa, in Piedmont, North of Italy.

  21. Hi Diane,
    Welcome to my blog... Thanks for dropping in and commeting..
    The method to attach link in comments box is like this
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    Hey Hi... Thanks for dropping in and commenting...
    Yup, rice accompanies it or rather, this accompanies rice.. :)
    And, do visit my blog regularly... :)I would love your visits and comments... :)

  22. The dishes looked yummY! Perhaps I'll try the recipe myself :) Thanks for sharing.

  23. You are now in my follow list. Thanks for pointing me to the try yourself website. I could do the practice ones but not in a comments box. I guess I'm too dumb to find where the HTML is.

  24. @Babypose,
    Hi. Welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping in and commenting...
    Do let me know how it came out after you try it.. :)

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  25. My Memes

    Hey I did it! Thanks for your help.

  26. Hey there :),
    Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. Glad to know that you enjoy traveling just as much as I do.Seeing the world through the eyes of different cultures.Nothing beats that feeling, does it!Thanks again for dropping by.

  27. Hi,I'm glad you visited my blog! I liked the pictures of the Kolam Festival very much. I love the idea of feeding the ants and little birds very much!
    Have a nice week ahead!

  28. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your blog address so I could visit! It's a very nice blog. I don't cook very often myself, I let my husband be the one to do that. He isn't an adventurous cook, so I know I can eat the food without worry. And I can add flavorings if I want. As you said, too much and there's nothing to do, too little you can add some more!

  29. @Diane,
    Congrats... You did it.. :)

    @Confessions of a Wandering Soul,
    Thanks for dropping by and Welcome to my blog...
    Of course, travelling is my passion and that's what keeps me going.. :)
    So could I expect a regular visitor from you.???!!!

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    Happy to hear that you liked our Kolam Festival..
    Do drop in often. I'd love to have your visits and comments... :)

    As you might have noticed, the post is titled 'Risky Recipes'. I never venture into the kitchen... These were those 2 days when did take a risk... Lols...
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    Do drop in often, I'd love your visits and comments.. :)

  30. @Chubskulit,
    Thank you... :)
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  31. hmmmmm.. k..k.. i ll try it on this week end.. :)

    i m living alone pa.. uyiruku ethum aagidathey.. :))

    ( hehe.. just kidding.. )

  32. ha. thanks for the story about your sister. the kitchen is always an adventure, but sounds like these turned out well. may have to try. hope you have agreat day!

  33. @Sanjai,
    Welcome to my blog..
    Unga uyirukku naan guarantee... Onnum aagidadhu.. Try pannalaam... :P

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and Welcome to my blog... Do drop in often.. Would luv to have ur visits n comments... :)
    And do let me know if u try those recipes.. :)


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